Closing The Circle

Closing The Circle 
Lectures on the Unity of Traditional Oriental Medicine
by Peter Eckman, M.D., Ph.d., M.Ac. (U.K.) and Stuart Kutchins, C.A.

Closing The Circle is a pioneering effort to clarify and reconcile the two most influential paradigms of Chinese medicine - The Five Element model and the 8-principle TCM model.

"As I was preparing my thoughts I came to a number of insights for myself about the connection between Five Element practice and Eight Category practice... I'm hoping that in this five day program I will be able to compare and contrast the two approaches and show, as the Rosetta Stone did with two languages, parallel concepts in the two systems, and that the reality they're talking about is the same reality. You don't have an Eight Category patient or a Five Element patient, you have a sick person coming to you for help. They're just different languages to express what is going on with the person and what you need to do to help."

Paperback: 187 pages
Publisher: Shen Foundation, Fairfax, CA (1983)
Language: English
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